Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cape & Islands - Hurricane Sandy - the Aftermath

boy standing in ocean surfHurricane Sandy swept through Cape Cod & the Islands on Monday, Oct 29. As predicated, much of the area experienced heavy rain, damaging winds, widespread power outages, and coastal flooding. The National Weather Service is still predicting periods of rain through Wednesday. High tides will continue to be higher than usual. Several NSTAR customers are still without power. But for most, unlike the residents of New York and New Jersey, the storm was just an inconvenience.
Public schools were closed Monday and Tuesday. Cape Cod Community College closed on Monday but is scheduled to open on Tuesday at 3:30 PM for late afternoon and evening classes. It is probably a good assumption the majority of kids will be back in school on Wednesday.

For those who lost power, or are still without, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "What You Need to Know When the Power Goes Out Unexpectedly" offers food safety guidelines. Some items may be safe to eat, but be sure to throw away any spoiled or questionable food. Check your insurance policy before trashing large freezers full of meat. Continue to stay away from any downed wires; see NSTAR for electrical safety measures and other helpful hints. Don't be left in the dark, report power outages or downed wires by calling NSTAR at 800-592-2000.

Once again, it is time to enlist the whole family. This time for clean-up. In the event of serious damage, locate your home-owners policy and call your insurance agent to arrange necessary inspections before attempting clean-up. controlled brush fireGet up on the ladder and re-clear the gutters of all newly accumulated leaves, then check trees and trim any new broken branches. When cleaning up fallen trees, chainsaws should be used by adults only; be sure to follow appropriate safety measures. Children can rake and bag leaves, return any campaign signs or pink flamingos that flew over from a neighbor's yard, stack firewood and pile brush for burning during the burning season. Remember to obtain a burning permit from the local fire department after Jan 1. Use a shop-vac to suck up any standing water in the basement. Smaller puddles can be soaked up with old towels; wash and dry when done. To avoid mold, dry off any items that may have gotten wet, throw out any damp cardboard or wet carpeting. In the event of major flooding, it is best to call in a professional cleanup service.

Barnstable residents, with a dump sticker or proof of residency, may bring hurricane debris to the Transfer Station through Saturday Nov 10 , 2012 (closed on 11/11/2012 for Veterans day). Logs need to be cut in 4 foot lengths or less. Commercial debris will not be accepted at the facility.

Darwin the dog Dogs will appreciate a nice long walk after a day of household confinement. Offer dog walking services to older neighbors who may not be up to task. Walking is a good way to burn off the extra ice cream calories. Be a courteous dog owner; leash dogs and be sure to bag & take any doggie doo.

ice cream still life photo
Still without power, but have no yard to clean up or pet to walk? Several businesses offer free Wi-Fi, along with outlets to plug-in and charge laptops. Visit Lambert's Farm Market Grocery and Deli in Sandwich for a comfy place to sit, surf the net and enjoy "the best" oatmeal raisin cookies and perhaps some more ice cream.

Donate to American Red Cross Disaster Relief to help those in NY & NJ.

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